Gopi Shanker

Gopi Shanker

Company: Tevard Biosciences

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer


Panel Discussion – Pros and Cons of NDDs and Genetic Epilepsies Treatment Modalities: Gene Therapy, ASOs & Small Molecule Approaches 2:55 pm

In a landscape where potential therapeutic modalities for rare CNS and neurodevelopmental disorders are fast evolving, where should we really be focusing our attention? Exploring the successes and caveats from traditional small molecule therapies to emerging ASO and gene therapy treatments.Read more

day: Day Two

Transforming Therapeutic Development for Neurodevelopmental Disorders with Transfer RNA RNA 8:00 am

tRNA as a novel therapeutic modality for disease modification Advantages of tRNA therapeutics relative to other RNA and gene therapy and editing approaches Precision medicine and enabling the translational success of tRNA therapiesRead more

day: Day One

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