Partnership Opportunities

Why Partner With Us?

As the only industry-focused meeting for neurodevelopmental drug developers, the 2nd Rare CNS & Neurodevelopmental Drug Development Summit brings together the most important thought leaders and stakeholders across large pharma, biotechs, patient advocacy groups and academia, providing you with the best opportunity to demonstrate your experience and capabilities to the field.

There are plenty of partnership opportunities available to enable you to:

Communicate exciting progress to the decision makers in the field

Showcase your high quality preclinical models and novel model innovations

Introduce the latest digital technologies to the neurodevelopmental field

Demonstrate how you can streamline and optimize their preclinical and clinical trial design

Showcase your neurodevelopmental expertise and establish your credibility as a high-quality research partner

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Returning in Boston, now is your chance to take advantage of the unparalleled face-to-face networking opportunities to showcase what you can offer to this field.

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